Co Existence or NoExistence

Co existence or no existence

Imagine your life on mother earth with the existence of just you and no mankind,no animals nothing.How will it be?

Will you be happy that you are the king of this earth with no one alive  or will you be sad because you have to lead your rest of life alone?

Existence of people around us,existence of emotions,existence of relations makes our existence feel beautiful,it makes it happening.Existence of so many things aren’t created to make our life happening,but they are here to teach us the lessons;lessons of life,to live,to create that senses in us that can make us smile and cry for the same thing,to make us realize that in order to achieve something we always need to hold hands and walk together.To make us value the concept of our co-existence.

But we humans are very strange species that are living on this earth.We always manage to say and even prove it that grass is greener on the other end.When we have co-existence we manage to get out of it and prefer to stay alone.But then we realize that we did wrong and again expect the people to be around us.Thus we manage to create the path from coexistence to no existence.

What actually is this no-existence?

No-existence is not being staying alone,but its been killing your own existence because of human ego,selfishness,hunger of success etc.It is denying the need to people around when you actually need them just due to some ego and over thinking of respect.Ultimately leading to no existence.

Then what does staying alone mean?

Staying alone for sometimes is just a way of figuring the path we need to travel,the pain we need to release,the world we need to accept, the kind of life with whom we need to live and the company we need for existence.#coexistence

We people will never read someone’s mind even when we know what the opposite person wants.In all this years I learned that if you want something ask for it and if you find someone who gives you things without asking then make sure you never leave that person.But here we instead of staying with that person makes his existence second priority and we move ahead.

Co-existence is the feeling that people are around you and this word comes with a mandatory condition that some people are with you rather than being around you.Or else we will still find ourselves alone in this 7 billion population.A life without co-existence is the life with no existence.Learn to let go things to make your existence worth because our life revolves around letting go.Love people and live with them but yes love them selflessly.this is what co-existence says.

NOTE: Co-existence does not prevent you in being an individualist,it just helps to live you by some downfall, a little motivation and some inspiration.


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