Words of appreciation:


Isn’t it just funny how two stranger come together to realize how similar yet too different they are in a good way?!

I’ve lost bunch of people not because of what I did but out of their own sheer jealousy . Had I known losing them was just a way of god to introduce you to other amazing people, I wouldn’t have cried for them at all. Trust me.

Vyom, I’m really very glad to have met you at all. I can’t thank Drash enough for forcing me to FFT and then to FOK.

Please don’t ask me how but I do remember you wearing a white shirt with polka-dots(I think.) That was the very first time I noticed you, cause I’m usually really impressed with guys who could carry white shirts this well(cause I can’t;-).) (And shit guys in crisp white shirts is beauty).

I find Palak really sweet and then knowing that you’re her brother was just enough for me to know that you too would be that sweet(not forgetting I didn’t judge you there.)

Drash told me you write and that my friend was that moment when I went like,”omfg, we have to be great friends and write together and make Earth a better place to live in.”

I don’t remember who send the friend request but I do remember going though your profile(most chics wouldn’t accept that but again I’m not most chics.)

Then I read your first article and I knew you had that thing(that every writer has in him which I believe I too have) and that we could be write something big and become writer friends.

Moving on, I usually don’t make an impression of any person unless I meet them in person. So your first impression on me was really when we met in Happy Streets. I wouldn’t want to lie but tab I was busy being me so didn’t notice to zyada(sorry.) Even I noticed you or got to kno w you better when we went shopping.

Vyom, I don’t know if someone as ever told you this or if this is the first time that you’re hearing this but you’ve got your own style and that is your thing which no one can take it away from you. The way you walk and the way you carry yourself has it’s own beauty. Guys folding their sleeves up is… Sorry I’ve to focus πŸ˜‰ So the point is I think you’re pretty handsome and people who thinks otherwise can go fuck themselves. Dude your choice(in clothes) is really decent and that makes it elegant! But on a serious note why and how on earth could you like that floral printed dirty green wala shirt? You know what exactly suites you and that saves a lot of time. Even though our choices are different I really like yours cause yours suites you pretty well.

All this time that we’ve talked feels good. Really good if I had to specify. Talking to you was like drawing lines on a blank book and writing on it(does this make any sense to you cause I really have no idea how else to describe this.)

I think what I’ve learnt from you is that spending time with your family is equally important. No matter whatever happens they’re not giving up on you anytime soon. You’re a family person too. Keeping your parents happy is not overrated, trust me on this. Cause I find this really intimidating. This is one of your other best qualities.

Every person has two sides, you too have but who doesn’t Vyom? I too am a bitch to people. So having a dirty mind(I’m not going to forget to specify to use,’all the time’) is really quite okay. Your fantasies are wild but I think that makes you creative πŸ˜‰ (I guess).

I usually tend to find good side of people really fast so if you’re a shitty thinker you’re good heart too. Being a gentleman, holding a door open for your lady(and grabbing her ass at the same timeΒ  as she walks in) and making her comfortable, is your style. That’s how you do it!

Reading your stories was when I starting feeling to know you better. Having a bad past doesn’t make you future dull. Trust me when I say, “Love is just around the corner for you.” I think you’re gonna be a intense lover(already a bounty lover). She’ll be lucky! I’m sure.

Quoting myself, “If you can’t love yourself how can you love someone else?” So Vyom love yourself enough to make people fall in love with you. πŸ˜€ You know what I think? I think we’re gonna be great friends. πŸ™‚

Dekh meh logo ki itni zyada tarif bohot kam karti hu so do take this as a compliment cause you’re not getting one anytime soon.

Your new friend,

Vidhi Shah.

closure:This are the best words said to me by anyone.SOMEDAY ONEDAY we will write.IMG_20150809_080717


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