Isn’t life too short to live? Isn’t life too short to regret? Isn’t life too short to fall in love? Isn’t life too short to give something to others?

Does this  questions have answers? Can any of the answer justify the above question. We people are all different and everyone have their own thinking, what is right for them is wrong for others and the vice versa. This is how the world works. This is how people live. Some of them manage to create harmony and some of them manage to live isolated. But what about the rest, the people who fight everyday, who struggle everyday to make their point accepted as truth. We all come in the category of the people who manage to struggle.

We here fall in love, we starve for happiness, we regret on our decisions, we don’t give a fuck to some situations, we hear only what we want to listen and this is how we work. And if this how we work we never find the happiness, we will somewhere question our life, we will question to God that is this is all I got? Do I deserve this.?

The truth is that we don’t deserve anything, we just deserve what our karma says and if in a lifetime the good karma that we can do is be the reason of someone else’s smile.

Talking about love, if one life is too short to love, how do we manage to fall in love probably more than one time? The simple reason for this is intimacy, problem of thinking that it’s the same love, the same feeling. It’s a very normal thing for us. We adjust in this thing so easily though it will hurt us. Is it really so easy? I guess we pay a very huge amount of it, don’t we? Give it a thought.

In this one life we think of so many things, we dream, we follow it, so much experiences, some are good and some are bad, laughter and sadness, success and failure, friends and enemies and even so many other things. But we still manage to find time to be selfish, to hurt others, to regret, to disrespect. Being selfish refers to the wrong conception of one’s own happiness.

One life is too short for anything we want to do. Make the most it. Love people and love yourself.


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