Terms and conditions.

Are there any terms and conditions that are necessary to be followed in order to be loved?

I don’t know what this terms means, what the quotes means, what is to be selfish. If love, relation, friendship etc comes with the contract over the specific period of time;then why does the heart break? Why people cry for that friendship which was meant to stay for sometime Why love is blamed when love was just an agreement for the specific time.

Here today we face the multipersonality syndrome. I love you but I can’t get serious,now what kind of statement was this. When did this love feeling bound to condition. I feel I was staying in some blind belief or I guess in bloody mental state where I think love was limitless,selfless,endless.

Thanks to the new conditions specifically I say market conditions where relationships are subject to your own risk. Please read the documents carefully before investing your feelings. One day or let me say today itself I realized there are conditions and if we count them,it can become a new law in our government.I always invested my feelings without reading the agreements and maybe that’s the only reason I suffered.

Friendship, the only relation different then blood relations and the best relation in the world. what. That is what I use to believe, that is what I say and that is what we learnt.Its still true but you get an extra commodities like ego, attitude, respect, secrets with them which are meant to be understood before making a new friend.

This is the thing we people make. I am not saying it’s everywhere but if we see in our own life we will realize that we are used to this. We deal with this piece of shit everyday.

True friends will be there,true love will be there, but to find that precious diamond we need to go through all the false, fake diamonds that breaks after certain period of time, to deal with the factory of emotions and to fight with the enemy of feelings in order to get love.

Just a thought.


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