Broken Promise

One fine morning:

she:”Do u really think this relationship is going to work or something? I mean lets just be friends.

he:”I don’t know. what happened suddenly? Reason for saying this?

she:”I was thinking about it! I thought like we are just like friends only! So let’s be friends no! No relationships and all.

He:”I was like friend to you because I want you to take you your space. If I act as a boyfriend then you will feel suffocated.

She:”But still lets be friends. We are great as friends.


she,”It’s not like I’m leaving you or disowning you. I am going to be there with you forever. But not in relation.

he,”Never say forever ma’am. Things change.

she,”When I say forever I mean it.

he,”Okay we end this discussion here”.

she,”we are friends right?”

he,”I will be there when you will be there”.

she,”I know that even I am there always. I am sorry I hurt you a lot.

he,”Bye  ma’am”

she,”Bye kid”.

It ended on a good note.

Yes I wanted to fight at that moment but how can I fight the unreasonable. Reason can be fought with a reason. But there was no reason mentioned or valid reason said. Everything was fine. Sometimes being in relation doesn’t work. It was the same case. The problem with me is I always had this question in general that why false promises. You know it wont be possible for you to stay true to them. You are not committing a crime by breaking up with a person. So you don’t need to do any formalities because that will temporary lessen the pain of the opposite person. You don’t have any intention of hurting but it does hurt and that pain is something not everyone is able to withstand.

Why a promise? I waited for your return. I made all the possible try to be with you just for word that I gave to you. The problem with me is that I expect the same. I always believed that when a person so close tells it they mean it.But now I am learning words change according to the situation so choose your words wisely.

Why forever? don’t we know that forever is something which is not possible at all. We know ourselves better right? Then don’t we realize that forever needs an effort. To get over any relationship is very easy. But trust me to move on from broken promises is not easy. Yes I do care about our relation but that has nothing to do with our splitting up. I had faith in every word you said and trust me I tried to accept this things without questioning. I made sure I don’t ask you anything personal because I don’t have any right to interfere in your personal life. I trust you. I trust every word said to me by you. But with broken promise there is no trust.

Why I am writing all this? Why I am publishing this? This things are so negative. It can make you feel the guilt for the thing in which you are not wrong. I have nothing to with it and this not written with reference to anyone. It just the piece of writing. I write because my words are my tears. I write because one day I can forget every broken promises and start a new life. I write because maybe the words can make my heart speak. I write because may be my new life help me to trust some attachment feelings.

People tell you are going in isolation mode. I say I am happy. I eat alone. I smile alone. I cry alone. I walk alone. I lead my life alone. Because who am I to trust anyone. Who am I to love? Do I deserve love? Yes I will deserve this feeling known as love after I start loving myself.

Does relationship have only one person in it? You were the only person in relationship? Why only one person suffers? Why only one person decides the fate of relationship? The feeling of your partner doesn’t matter? Even it’s not over yet. After every piece of shit you are doing why these promises? You promised I will be there when you need. Where are you? Where were you when I almost destroyed myself? Today I understood that swords are mightier than words. Because to stand on words you need courage but in case of swords your fate is decided in any way. I am happy I am alive. I am happy i got destroyed.

No person is perfect in any relationship. No person is meant for relationship. It’s the love, the trust, the faith, the vibes, the sacrifice and the compromise that takes the relation. Broken promise makes you die when you are living but this is going to happen. In the name of the altruism the world is going to suffer. But when it comes to relationship truth is appreciated maybe not at the initial stage but in long time it is.



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