Its your birthday. Excited? I know I am going to say some very common dialogue like I don’t know what will I say, what will I write but trust me it is just an effort taken to make your day a little better.

It’s just 4 months that we know each other, but its like I know you from years and I always felt that feeling of comfort whenever I talk to you. There is no fear of getting judged. There is no tension of what I will look like in front of her. Yes you are there and that feeling is like yes I have someone with whom I can be transparent.

Okay! I should stop here and start from scratch. Really scratch? No I am not going to write again all the things because it takes a troll on me to remember the things I don’t remember. All I remember is you were wearing some red basketball tee with black trouser and sport shoes. That look just seemed to like telling that,” VYOM you want to mess with me”. I was just thinking bas aaj safely ghar ponch jaun:P



The first word that comes to mind hearing your name is “IDEAL”.

OKAY!! so now I am going to continue this IDEAL thing for some more words because I always wanted you to know why you are ideal.

Mate, you know we humans always tend to think we do things for others, we bring happiness on other’s face and we make the meaning of word ALTRUISM alive. But you, you are an exception, you are a true human who lives for yourself, for your work, for the things you love and everything that you do, you do for yourself. Not everyone has that courage to live for themselves on their terms and conditions.

When I talk with you, I find myself naked in front of you. Naked in the sense of thoughts, lies and truth. I know that I wont be able to hide things. It’s not the fear but its the feeling of feeling the sacred thing when sharing stuff with you. You care for people, you care for me because you want that. Not because anyone or I did something for you. You don’t work to prove the world, you work because you want to work. Life seems easy to you.

But trust me friend when I see your life, when I see your frustration and when I re-read your frustration I get shock. I don’t know what to say. I don’t understand how can anyone be so ideal.

All I have for you today is AYN RAND’s words,” one day there will be the ocean, the sky and the image of you”. The world was very vicious to you but that haven’t altered your integrity. integrity is to stand by an idea but today when I see myself I don’t see any idea of who I am but you, I can see that.

When I read your writing I was finding your spirit in it. And you know what, I found it. Such is the personality of yours(honest).

IDEAL, Hardly any person can understand the definition of this word but you just led by an example of this definition.

This is why I wanted to write FEARLESS. Not because I can give justice to you but because I can give justice to humanity and make sure what the true SELFLESS  definition means. It is the deeds done for your soul. One day I will.



Well that greenish brown eyes matches perfect with the pale white tonne of your skin. Black can describe you the best. your love for black is like the changing skin of snakes. though it gets the same skin but still its new. I don’t have to tell much about beauty because some things should just be felt and not described.


We had several meets and every meet has its own beauty. The atira walks were like the most peaceful hours of my life. The subway meets made me small kid eating sub like he wont get it tomorrow. The buttercup meet was like a writer’s meet. The teaching meets were like we are now grown ups. The happy streets was like common let’s go back in some other world.

Something I want to tell:

That words of frustration will be given a voice and that with proper justice.

Something I wish:

Lately our busy schedule refrain us from meeting but you know when we meet it will be like we just met a day before. things wont change even If we meet after a year.

You inspire a lot miss shah. When I thought of quitting I just took a step back and then say who was watching. I wish life is a wish granting factory. I wish we continue this relation for years.

I wish “LOVE-MAGIC OR ILLUSION” is being written someday one day. I wish i can believe in love like you do. I wish all our someday one day list gets completed. I wish we will always be DUCK and SID.

THANKYOU friend for wonderful memories and life lessons.


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