Navratri season yayyy! Day 4. This time its pdpu. Red kurta with bit of orange shade, with white chudidar and black koti. That time I just felt like I look like a young Mr Narendra modi.

It was the day of meeting close friends and enjoying on the rhythm of garba with them after 3 years. Hari and aneree as usual so perfect like you just love watching them. I met Riti and a click with her makes the whole day go good.

And finally shyamal and shaumil started. What an atmosphere,full of energies. The crowd was amazing, girls never looked so beautiful before but everything was proper.

We started like doing it alone and initially made the group 15 people and finally ended up doing garba with bajrang dal.But what better can you expect from the engineering people.

Meanwhile my eyes went towards a girl whose hair were pretty amazing. It made me feel like yes she is the one,she is the one whom I always called ma’am. And I was like palat palat and when she turned around it was her. The people around me stood still,the music stopped and eyes just on her. She was looking beautiful. I don’t remember her exact outfit but she was graceful. Every step she does,it made her look more beautiful. I just wished to do one round of garba then I was like I need to gather the courage to say hello. I did it, I gathered because ultimately I don’t have any hard feelings for her. But then I was like what if she doesn’t want to talk. Will she be comfortable talking with me? There were unanswered questions. Finally I just watched her from distance and smiled realizing she is happy.

One glance of some people can give you so much happiness ne. I don’t need to meet her and tell her you were looking beautiful. She was looking beautiful and she knows that. I am here to witness and portray that to world that she is beautiful. Ofcourse that glance made me weak enough to lose myself. But in the end that doesn’t matters. Life is not easy and I need to accept few things.

Day 4 ended on a good note with one glance of her. I hope you reading this,


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