Memories-a pointless indulgence

Ayn Rand’s words, her thoughts, her philosophy always gave me a direction. Direction to put my thoughts exactly in place, direction of living life ideally, direction of finding peace.

As a matter of fact, when I came across the line, “memories are a pointless indulgence”. This seriously questioned me like are we really into this memory thing. Memories build us or memories destroy us? I think we humans always remember or tend to keep our bad memories close to it. Sometimes I think we regret over that memories. We regret over that situation that we created. We consider that we are responsible for that situation. We could have given some better answer.

But really are we responsible for the situation? Yes, definitely we are but that doesn’t mean we regret things. That doesn’t mean we keep bad memories. That doesn’t mean we indulge ourselves in pointless memories. But on a contrary we stick to memories. Why we stick to it? Why we cry over it again and again? The very simple answer I find behind is our inability to accept it. Why we cant accept things like how they are. Why we live by creating life as the base of that memory? Should our pillar of life be so negative?

Memories make us weak. Memories makes us look back to our past. Memories brings our life on stagnant mode. Memories makes emotions our weakness. Memories makes us live like the way they wanted to be. Memories creates hope. Hope builds the pillar of future. But how can one future be good when built on the basis of memories which are pointless.

Then what about memories which gives us happiness? Definitely all of us have good memories of hangouts, hangovers, make out sessions, silly fights and what not. The memories which bring tears to our eyes. The memories which bring a smile in the lonely times. But again, it is temporary. And what happens in the end is with whom we had all our memories moved on from that. So in the end it doesn’t even matter.

I had memories with the person whom I loved the most. We had fights, we had our best trips, we had our best library meets, peaceful drives, loud meeting sessions, late night calls and everything which a person expects from a perfect life. We always had good memories, but I never realized they were temporary. Happiness is the biggest enemy because it is temporary. It makes you weak, so were these memories. Because in the end I remained with concrete and bricks of old memories while she built the steel structure. A day came when one has to eliminate and so it was me.

I built the pillar of hope and again made the building with my concrete of memories. In the end it collapsed. There was no sound, there was no realization. There was a peaceful destruction of one’s own identity which he tried to build for the love he gave to that woman.

Such is power of memories. It can destroy you. Hence memories are a pointless indulgence.


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