World said, “boys don’t cry,so he wrote his tears”. (quoted by RITI SHAH)

He always used to hide tears when people are around him, he always said what he wish and what he wanted to do, but he ended up doing things for others happiness. For him the meaning of life was to sacrifice things for happiness, happiness of people around him.

Life is too short to live for others isn’t it? The moment he thought of himself he started hurting the people around, not directly but by the unspoken words that he could hear. He himself started to feel guilty for the fact that he is hurting others, not only by words but by actions to. His mind stopped working, the words he spoke just came out in the form of frustration; frustration that he kept inside for years. He was just thinking that really is he so selfish? He just thought doing things for others never gave him happiness, in fact he was going through the phase where his mind was out of order.

Yes he suffered from rejection but that pain was never got healed , just because repeatedly he got to face it by being normal. He broke someone’s heart and he expected her to be normal. He expected her to talk with him ideally like she use to do before. That was all due to his frustration, going to the wrong way.  He needed someone to talk about all this, to hold his tears and say its okay you were not always wrong.But he was all alone, even his mind gave up. The only thought proceeding to his heart was relationships can never hurt so much. He blamed himself. He was responsible for what he did.

People joked about he being sad all the time. He provoked to that sentence too seriously. He wanted to tell them try once living for others.Try once living without saying no.We are not always right.The same person who was considering him as an ideal, went pass through him, just so close indeed so far. He listened to all that smiling. The world said,” he is very weak, he is responsible for his emotions”. He just replied,” try living like me once and the world will never criticize anyone.

He wanted to cry,to release all the things kept inside,but the world said “boys don’t cry”. So he wrote his tears beautifully.


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