2015-A Journey


2015, this 12 months were like journey of baby who starts walking or a baby who speaks his paa for the first time. Yes 2015 was the year of change, 2015 was the year of transformation, 2015 was the year of drama, 2015 was year of realization, 2015 was the year where I felt the change in me with every passing day.

Many things happened, some good and some bad, there were moments which gave me utmost happiness and there were moments that gave me baggage full of tears. This year turned me from being a submissive Vyom to a person who now just listens of himself. The episodes of this year taught me to be individualistic. It taught me work is the only religion a man should follow.

I won’t be able to thank Aasmaan or Viral who developed that gone faith in me when it was very much needed. ATP head was the first step in the journey of finding the real Vyom. ATP made me realize the importance of responsibilities and how good I can work. It showed me the direction and helped me to take the first step of my journey to be a teacher. After that I never looked back. Core team elections helped me to deal with my OCD problems to some extent. After that comes the LGS 3.0, that 40 days became my soul and the work became my god. The extra topping added was getting the reward for the same. Still the journey is not over, IGNITE presentation was an experience in itself. Aasmaan has always been a  countless motivation. It gave me more than I can ever give to someone. Lastly, there are people with whom the work became simpler. All I want to say thank you to

Viral: to have faith in me

Kinjal: for being the most active supporter in ATP.

Mr Pathan(the child development head): you are one of the people with whom I can work like I am working with myself and in that journey I never realized how good friends we are now.

Konica: your questions will be remembered always.

Anand: Your words will be remembered till graveyard.



The Reward
Mr Pathan


IIM-A presentation
A picture with the wnners:D







In this journey of transformation I cannot forget one name that is Riti Shah. Yes, I always fought and you always criticized me for me being under confident, submissive or any other reasons. That helped me to change and yes whenever this story is told, it will have your name:D



Abhishek: I still find you the most genuine person. Well, not often, but sometimes your advices were very logical.

Het: With you all I can talk is about girls, but the good part is I can talk about any Girl: P

Siddharth: our trips, night outs and classroom fun will be missed.

Taral: Well, I hate you: p, but somewhere you making fun of my writings helped me.

Race: I never realized we became so good friends in these 3 years. Keep baking.

Srushti: You can be a good engineer, take steps that benefit you.

Yajurved: Boat ride is left.

Yesha: well don’t turn into a DADI soon. hu tane bau maris:P

Parmy: nothing, keep smiling:D



Again the tribute to the person with whom I share the relation that I cannot define. I am just naked in front of you, no matter how much I try I am just one Vyom. To be an ideal is not a myth miss Shah, you proved it.



Well, how can I miss that trip, which helped to explore and show what India has. Today all I want is to make this country a better place to live in. Shiwani thankyou, that Jaipur trip is something I can never forget.


Transformation doesn’t always come with good incidents, sometimes it takes a toll on you facing some incidents that you never thought. I too had and that made me write.

And that helps me to take the first step that is to make my blog. It’s been more than 3 months that I am writing a blog and I never thought of the change that it has brought with me. Today I see people calling me a writer when I am just a learner.

2015 made me realize it is more easy to say what you feel than to act diplomatically. It helped me to realize that human spirit is to be worshipped and human ego is the symbol of its soul. 2015 made me realize that I responsible for the things happening around me. 2015 made me realize life works on just 2 principles that is happy and sad.

There are friends who are constantly since years and still they are going constant without me making efforts to stay. Hari, Akshay, Dhruva, Shalvi, Devanshi all I can say is thank you and I know you don’t need this too.


Last but not the least:

Het: I never realized where our journey will lead us, but seeing you work is like Vyom Desai gets the bounty. So happy and yes, thank you for not giving up.

just look at the picture and you will automatically smile:D


Prajakta: going philosophical in 2016.

Marathi Dost

Abha Mehra: well the one who spots grammatical errors so perfect. Writer, I adore your writings and they inspire a lot. You are amazing.

favorite writer:D

Vaibhavi: I know I showed you the real side of mine too late. But trust me seeing the change in you, i just want to it made me respect you more

Twin: Not constant, but you are responsible for the change in me and yes, we are brothers from another mother.

Tanya: well it means a lot having you back. Someday TTT has to post my tale.

Today when someone asks me, I confidently say I am a writer, a serious guy, a philosopher and a learner. I admit my mistakes. I don’t have to wear a mask. I need nicotex. I have to stay high in order to work. I have flaws. I have scars and they define me. I am emotional. I have a past and I do not regret it. I have an alter ego and it is the demon. I suffer from OCD and anxiety problems.This year taught me to talk with best person when you are in trouble and that is yourself. Yes, i am an egoist when working and this was my journey. But in the end I am Vyom and that is why the world respects me.




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