Holding on

Today, I do not want to go through the philosophy of emotions or relations or attachments. However, I just want to share a thought. A thought that is more of a question always disturbed me. Why it is difficult for us to hold on to people? Why holding the relation seems like an exam, one can never pass.

We say love has that power, feelings ha that power that helps to hold on. I don’t see any. What I just see here is we are tied to some kind of responsibilities that is making us hold on to relation. Holding a relation always has different reasons. Every individual have their benefits that make them to hold on thing. Those benefits make them control the relation, which ultimately leads to the end of it. Well, the only thing here is there is no rocket science in understanding the importance of holding on. It can be understood just through the language of selflessness. Selflessness here refers to giving justice to the virtue of soul. In addition, that justice we can give is through love.

Love is vicious, love cuts our soul deep into pieces, love has enough strength to destroy you but love teaches us to hold on. Love teaches not to give up and stick hard to it in order to vanish the traces of pain.

In order to hold on any relation we need to love that relation. We need to feel the joy of each moment and we need to feel the pain of each micro moment. That traces will never let us give up. Those traces will never let us give up the faith. Holding relation demands patience and love teaches us how to be patient.

So when we ever think of giving up, remember the why we started? Stop taking relation as a burden of responsibilities. Understand the importance of bond of the relation and that will make things go easier.



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