I guess we have always emphasized on living a simple life and find satisfaction in it. However, in order to do that we need to apply a brake to our wish list. We make our needs our necessities and our necessities never end.
Is this is what we call as our simple life? We wish this to live life like this.
Simple has its own definition and that states that being simple is how we lead our life by least number of principles. The simple life is the key to living a satisfied life and satisfied life is the key to attaining mental peace. We starve for mental peace and in order to attain it, we run behind wealth, luxurious things, brands and what not. Granted, we are not saints, but there should always be a breakpoint to wishes. We need to realize where we need to activate our braking system to control our wishes.
Simple, this word even plays the major role when it comes to relations. We say we want a simple relation. However, to make it simple is in our hands. We manage to add all the flavors of jealousy, insecurity, egotist, attitude etc. We fail to realize that being simple works on only two principles that is to be happy or sad. If we are not happy, we are sad and vice versa. Why we originate other principles? Why we add superfluous things and then blame our life for being not happy? It will not take us anywhere. It will just lead to self-destruction.
There is only one way to live a simple life and that is to live an ideal life. Consider work as religion, be an egoist about your work, Follow your principles and respect yourself enough to make the world respect you.


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