I was driving back home after watching the movie Kapoor and Sons, with still in the dilemma of the movie. It was an amazing movie and one should definitely watch it once, just to feel the real situations of your family. All I am left was thinking about the problems that are going into my family. It is just like no matter how much you fight for the last piece of pizza, you end up with sharing it. The love for the relation never gets extinct even in the worst situations. The aspect that touched me the most was the relation of Arjun and Rahul with their grandfather. It took me back to the days where I use to spend time with my grandparents. The relation with our grandparents is the most healthy relation one can have in their life. No matter it is having sutta with your grandfather or just playing with him.

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Kapoor and Sons made me nostalgic as I am the guy who grew up with my grandparents. I never really realized what role they played in my life. I realized that how ungrateful grandson I was. It took me down to the memory lane and brought an inch long smile on my face. It took me back to the days when I used to fight for sleeping with my grandparents and not my parents. How my grandfather use to play cricket with me. When it was my turn to bat, I used to bat for 10 innings and then refrain from bowling to him. I missed the days of how I used to play hots wheels and car fights with him. The days when he used to take me for a haircut as I always use to cry when I need to get one. I use to think I my hair are awesome. Jokes apart. After every haircut he used to gift me two kitkat or a kinderjoy.

Times change, we are grown ups now. Now I have my own room. I play cricket with my friends and I go for a haircut alone. At present there are no hotwheels, no kitkat and no playing. I have my friends, but he is isolated. I hardly talk to him and he stays in his solitude. There are moments when I just say, “hey Grandpa” brings a huge smile on his face. It taught me how every small thing can bring happiness to him. He gifted me my first bike and I gave him the first ride. The smile on his face was the same smile i was having when he used to me give me a kitkat.

Grandmother, I don’t know how to describe her. Her short height, fair skin and the wrinkles on her face seems like some texture painting of a great artist. She is always smiling no matter what. Why it is always that grandparents protect us from our parents. The best memories I have with her is when she laughs and her tummy shakes and I keep her hand over her tummy, it feels like vibrating. How she used to make me eat and then send me to the school. Even today, my friends craves for my tiffin and sweets made by her. Grandparents are a blessing and I am lucky to have them.

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Time flies so quickly, isn’t it? How we grew up and we change totally. We tend to forget the artist who played an important role in our life to mould us from wet clay into a beautiful sculpture. Our grandparents are that artist. It’s our turn now to mould their end into a peaceful way they want.

It is the matter of the realization that after same age, they are our children.





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