Quarter Life Crisis

Everyone is always talking about mid-life crisis. You know, how it can either make you if you get through or break you completely. But I barely know anyone who knows what’s it, let alone heard anyone talk about the quarter life crisis. Therefore, I am going to take the liberty to assume, that you might be wondering, ‘what does ‘quarter life crisis’ mean?’ It actually isn’t very different from a mid-life crisis. The difference is in the age. The transition period here is from late teens to the early twenties. A person is in a constant battle with their wants and society’s demands. They start questioning their way of being because for a very long time each and every step of their life was mapped out for them.

Whenever I talk to people about this they usually ask, ‘how can we really know we are going  through  that?’
The most common signs for quarter-life crises are often very similar to that of depression. You tend to feel lonely, scared, lost or confused. The intensity of these feelings is proportionate to the depth of the crisis, more or less.  It can be either benign or severe. I know this sounds very academic and rather bland, but it is a scary phase to go through, Trust me.

Sucks, that is it inevitable.

Doesn’t matter how careful we are, every person at some stage passes through this trauma. Though we just do not figure out the trigger.
So, I am going to try to break this down for you and me.

I suppose, one of the major reasons is stress. The pressure of future. The pressure to go out of the comfort zone; a world that is unknown to you. The pressure to do something and prove yourself a point. The pressure to prove a point to all those accusing fingers. No, we are not being babies. This scare us because the real world has no sympathy and there is no spoon-feeding done there. People do not have the time to think about you and be considerate. You will be treated the same–probably as nothing–unless you as show how remarkable you are. This fear, this anxiousness and paranoia can strike you out so badly. It can create an insurmountable amount of stress, leading the quarter life crisis.

The primary problem we face during this stage is the conflict between intimacy and isolation, according to Eric H Ericson. After developing our personal identity as an adult person we tend to find or create an intense romantic relationship with other people. Although, sometimes the time does not demand that and thus isolation comes in action, making us suffer from isolation crisis.
When we raise these questions to ourselves, we realize we are in the middle stage of quarter life crisis. Somewhere we know the way, but do not know what the first step to proceed is. This question eats up our mind and not everyone of us have that tendency to share; ultimately making us feel lost.
We draw a wall across ourselves, we draw a wall to some things that affect us and we become sensitive or obsessive to it. That does not mean that makes you mean. It is just that some walls are created to make us cross the maze, to find a better way to our problems and that is what leads us to the end of the crisis.
The fear of unemployment or choosing the career path definitely plays a major role in contributing to this crisis. The Majority of people do not know what to do, but yes, they have hidden talents and once you know that, you will never let go that thing wasted. This crisis goes away when we are settled; we get fit to the real world, irrespective of how we get comfortable or by what means we get comfortable.
Confusion the initial stage and indeed a final stage of this problem.We humans are so confused about everything, even selecting a pen, we think for 10 minutes.So don’t worry if you are confused,that shows you are normal.But make sure that confusion won’t let the stress act upon you are leading to quarter life or even mid-life crisis.
To prove something: yes, there comes a time when we have to prove some people who you think we are wrong. This is where you stand. It’s okay if it takes time but to prove someone should never be mixed with the fear to prove something.
Therefore, this is a quarter life crises. The crisis from which 50 percent people pass. It is on us how we take it, what its intensity is and how we overcome it. And the day we will overcome this crisis that will lead to inspire someone in his struggle of this crisis.




  1. whotanisha · May 27, 2016

    Love this !

    Liked by 1 person

    • Vyom Desai · May 27, 2016

      Thankyou so much. Keep following the blog to read more.


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