The Masterpiece

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Edited by Abha Mehra

It is often said that an artist takes up all the time in the world to create their masterpiece.  A masterpiece is that work of art which blends their ego and soul. It reflects their idea of the world and their soul. Someday…one day I wish to make this world a better place to live in. A world where every person has an identity of their own. A world where every individual will have their own masterpiece. A world where work is the only religion that exists. A world where the prime mover will not define the rules. A world where every individual will be their own prime mover. A world where every individual will be a creator. A world prone to respect.

The wish is to belong to the world where every person has freedom and in return they are aware of the responsibility that comes along that freedom.  A world where an individual will not stop fighting hatred. And where staying alone on your terms is not substituted with loneliness. A world where being ideal is not the myth.

One can hope, that one day every human being will be selfless. Soon ‘love’ won’t merely be romantic in nature; love will have no boundaries. Inter-dependence and self-reliance will coexist with an unfathomable balance. I aspire to live in times where the world doesn’t need any NGOs and where the respect is the true form of wealth.

Can we strive towards having a place where there is no discrimination based on caste system? A place where no reservations exist or are needed. Let us hope there comes a time when terrorism would be an old nightmare and religion would not lead to any riots. A world where the pen is indeed the strongest weapon and swords are not invented. A world where the nuclear energy is used for power generation and not for nuclear weapons. A world where an individual will not opt for the shortcut in order to survive. A world without the existence of mafia.

I hope there comes a day I wish to create the world just like the “RAMRAJYA”. The world which works on the principle of Truth, Duty, and honor. The world where rules and regulations are same for each and every person. A world where there is no need of feminism, as there will exist the utmost level of equality.

How I dream of a time where politics and corruption are not correlated to each other. A world where development is inevitable; and not only merely economical but cultural as well. A world where transformation is constant, where we progress continuously. A world where nature allows no vacuum. A world free of intolerance. A world where there are no rules that eek into the confinements of your bedroom. An era where no one is slaughtered, especially in the name of religion and sacrifices.

I want to live in a world where colour is just a shade on your skin. I want to be able to follow any religion if any exists. I want to be able to go to a mosque, a temple, a church; I want to be able to go for tirth yatra as well as mecca.

The kind of world which I want may sound monotonous to many. But the day we near extinction, a new world will come into existence. And this is the world I put my hopes on.

Not in reality, but through words I will paint such a world. That world will be my masterpiece. A masterpiece I hope comes to life. The creation that will not be altruistic, but will be selfless in its own beautiful way. That will be the creation of an egotist. That will bring a soul of an individual at peace. That will portray me as a creator and the world as an ideal. The day when this happens, the definition of an ideal man will be no more a myth. The world where working of the motor of prime movers will stop. This will happen Someday and that will be the last day of my soul in the world of second-handers.




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