Truth – The Foundation Of An Ideal World

(Writer’s note: Edited by Aashna Kanuga)

Human life revolves around two basic entities i.e. truth and lies. They have the most significant effect on an individual’s life, irrespective of the factors that it incorporates. We say that there is a big difference between a truth and a lie. But have we ever thought about how big of a difference they actually make? To what extent does it affect us? To what extent do we stretch ourselves to follow these entities? Alas, we just end up over thinking and doing things which ultimately contribute to building the foundation of a lie.

Our conscience raises many questions, that we tend to neglect in our quest of finding the truth or in order to lie. Why do we do that? The answer is to keep our life simple and sorted. However, are we really keeping it simple or making it more complicated? Does either a truth or a lie symbolize any face or colour? There are many such questions that need to be answered. But do we understand the importance of asking them? We followed the prime movers and the foundation laid by them. But have we ever thought about asking on what basis or which entity was it laid? What is the principle of truth?

The principle of an ideal theory says that human beings should lead their lives in accordance with the principle of truth. Truth comes with a reason. Reasons support facts. Facts do not need justification. That is what Metaphilosophy explains. Hence, truth supports facts. Then why does the truth affect us so much? We expect everyone to be truthful or tend to think that we  always deserve to know the truth. Yet, the aftermath of the matter makes us feel terrible or sends shivers down our spine. Why do we feel like we have been deceived after knowing the truth? The simple answer is – because of our inability to accept. Without acceptance, no one has the right to know the truth. Acceptance and truth are reciprocal in nature. We can never make peace with the truth without accepting it. Makes me wonder – without acceptance, should one lead his life on the pillar of a lie? Yes, just see the world around us. It is built on the foundation which has never supported the actual principle of truth. The government works on reports that just exist on papers. Are they completely true? Whether they are corporate relations or personal, there are many things that remain unsaid. No one believes in transparency. Why do humans have so may faces? Why do we wear a mask? Why do we tend to be diplomatic? If we are diplomatic, we cannot follow the principle of truth. After all of this, we still expect everyone to be truthful. Why? Is it because we are not responsible for the working of the world?

Very often we justify our lies by believing it is for the greater good; in order to maintain harmony. We always feel that if we are honest, a lot of people might get hurt, or they might not trust us anymore. Nevertheless, the real reason behind all these lies are our insecurities, fear of rejection, shrewd diplomacy and an excuse to choose an easy way out.

However, have we ever tried looking for an excuse to be truthful? I suppose, no. We were always taught that no one should get hurt because of the truth. We were taught that the universal principle of truth is unnecessary and not valid for the real world.

When will we change? Will we ever make this real world an ideal world? Who will teach us the quality of acceptance? Who will teach us to accept the truth? When will we create the world where truth becomes a fact? There is only one answer to all of these questions. When we behave like an individual and take responsibility for things happening to and around us, the world will change. When the concept of ‘We’ will change to ‘I’, we will be able to accept the truth and the world will be a better place to live in. I take the responsibility of laying the foundation of truth and an ideal world. Will you?



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