Transformation – An Inevitable Journey

( Writer’s note : Edited by Abha Mehra)

Apart from breathing, do you know what is an inevitable part of a person’s life? Transformation.

Transformation is a journey; from lacking the ability to comprehend your needs to having a clear picture of your aspirations and wants.  It is the capability of understanding the consequences of every decision you make.

Transformation is the journey of knowing yourself better. It is that gradual process of  making peace with your conscience and soul.

I, just like many others, believe that everything happens for a reason and we are responsible for the things that happen around us. Having said that, it is fair to say that the courage to own up and to take that responsibility is transformation. In a rather complacently ignorant world, taking an initiative to make this world a better place to live is transformation. Creating and existing in a world where there is equality, respect and love, well that is transformation.

Being capable of forgiveness; living for your passion; mustering the courage to raise voice against injustice– all of that attributes to transformation. Finding out the right direction is transformation. Change is transformation. Having an individual identity is transformation.

Our life revolves around and evolves with this vague term “transformation”.

I am safely assuming that I have left you with a question, i.e. “How do we feel the transformation from within?” All I can say is that the change you feel when you look deep in your soul, that is a fragment of transformation. By the changes in ourselves, we can realize it. When we start questioning the validity of our demands, the feasibility of our needs, we are transforming.

When we realize that our deeds are selfless, and mind you, selfless in its true sense, we begin to transform.

Very often,  I tend to speculate that progress is synonymous to transformation.
Every individual has their own sense of change, their own process of evolving and their own definition of transformation.

We have always emphasized on the word transformation when it is related to our comfort zone in our daily lives. We switched to cellular phones from landlines. Now, we are using smart phones. Fire stoves were replaced by gas stoves and today gas stoves are being replaced by electric stoves. Adapting to the technology is transformation.

Capitalism is transformation. Objectivity is transformation. Youth is transformation. We are transformation.

This particular word co-exists with each and every aspect of the element of life around us. It directs us to almost every activity that takes place is in this world.

Nature allows no vacuum. Even, nature is transforming with its own essence.

A life led without transformation is the life of a slave living in confinements.

Transformation is the journey of the human race from a primitive animal to being a social one. The transformation is the journey of a child to being an adolescent to an adult to an aged person and finally sealing it with death. If you believe in resurrection, the rebirth of our soul is transformation.

Transformation is a journey, a feeling, an experience, a satisfaction in its true essence.

It is a vicious cycle. Never ending, never pausing.



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