Why me?

Why me? That one question, that everyone has asked at some stage of their life; either it was directed towards oneself or family or ultimately God.

Every time we score a little less on our exams, every time our colleague gets a hike in salary, every time it rains right before we are about to leave for a gathering, every time we go through a heart break—every time things don’t work out the way we wanted them to—we tend to lament over our misery and pose this question.

A question we pose according to our convenience. A question that is driven by negative emotions as the urge to raise it dies when the sky is bright and the days are perfect. We are a weird lot, aren’t we?

I am guessing, that we have this innate need to blame someone or something to rid ourselves of the guilt of being wrong. Why else would we seek answers for the mishaps in our lives from others? Why else would  we blame others?Why else would ‘Why me?’ be the first question when we have to face a problem, irrespective of how innocuous or severe the problem is.

As I pondered more and more over the reason for our complaints, I realized probably we are perpetually dissatisfied. It is no secret, that we are always attracted towards the things that we do not possess. We always want something that others have. Right from the age of four till we are old and senile. When I was a kid I was attracted towards my friend’s remote control car even though I had perfectly functioning one. When I was in my teens I was hell bent on getting a PS3 even though my parents had just gotten me a PSP. Now that I am almost done with college, I want a job that is better than my classmates but I also want the chilled out life everyone talks about. I don’t understand whether it is human tendency or we get conditioned to want more. Is this us being ambitious or simply greedy?

But to sum it up I do know one thing, we get attracted to the other side of the grass. However, have we ever asked ‘Why not them’? Why don’t we ever think why do we have so much that others don’t? I can guarantee we don’t. But,  I have not yet found the answer to it. If anyone does figure it out, please feel free to contact me.

As preachy as it may sound, I think we kind of ought to realize the importance of what we possess. To learn to value happy moments after all the problems we face. So when you are in any kind of problem, instead of thinking why me, we try to rationally see through it all. Gather the strength to fight it and there will never be and you will not ask this again. Let’s try at least.

When your mind does raise such a question out of the blue, just reply to it like a boss. You want to know why me? Because I am here to learn. I am here to live on my principle. I am here to fight for myself. I am here to working as an individual and for that if I have to go through a few ass kicking experiences then I will. I do not mind.

‘I am going to live with satisfaction, and die a satisfied man.’.

This is how I answer this question and trust me it works.



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