I sometimes wonder how unexpected life is when you get to feel the  same love and care and you tend to form the habit of that person. Same thing happened to me. Sounds weird that person who just enjoy his solitude tends to form a habit of a person without thinking of anything. It is a kind of feeling that surpasses all the problems we have in our life. I have the same feeling probably I guess. I don’t know what to say. People call it love, but I think love is a big thing to say. Therefore, I call it “AADAT”. I am habituated to her smile, the way she talks and the way she gives an order.


There comes a time when my day does not pass without meeting her. Well, this may sound as if an unrequited lover is just writing an article and  not a philosopher. When I say Aadat I refer it to the way she speaks, as if she is too into the conversation. Her expressions are changing as if a painter is going through the shades of any specific color. Her dark brown eyes just like coffee beams that hold every emotion and speak even better than her words. Her messy hair is a delight to watch. I don’t know that whether I need to speak or not because she understands what I am going to say next.

She is someone with whom I share the most beautiful and honest relation ever. She shouts I listen and she orders, I follow. Not that I do not like it, but it feels like you are at home. A home where you do not have to fit into categories. A home where you are who you are. A home where you can find solace. She is a home to me.

AAdat is a feeling; a feeling to just watch her when she wears the gray  t-shirt and black tracks, a bit of sweating and with a smile telling, “ Majja aai gai”. It is a feeling to have a pizza and fight for the last piece. A feeling of never hearing my name from her mouth. A feeling of happiness, a sensation of joy and remuneration of life.

That is why it AADAt, it is not just a word. It is a feeling to be with her.


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