Life of a Mechanical Engineering Student

Mechanical engineering, the only field in engineering in which  the ratio of boys to girls is like the ratio of cc of Lamborgini Aventador to that of  Bajaj Platina. However, mechanical engineers have never cared about this, as we believe in the concept of operating things with our hands or  the “automation process”.
A life of a mechanical engineer revolves around the subjects of designing, thermodynamics, a theory of machines, energy sources, heat transfer, fluid mechanics, operation research, refrigeration, HVAC, manufacturing and what not. In his four years of engineering he is trained in such a way that he can relate his entire life to the concepts of these subjects. He can solve every problem of yours with proper justification with valid reasons, but alas,  that’s never the case with his own problems.


help with the content by Nikhil Patel

The life of a mechanical engineering student is as dull as the English of Pakistani players or  movies of Himesh Reshamiya. They are left horny  their whole college life. The only time they might hear a female voice is if  a Mathematics teacher  comes to take their class. Their life as  students passes in the workshop working with the lathe machine, welding or drilling or attending a couple of labs where they have no idea  what they need to do. If any student by chance makes a female friend, he ends up either completing her assignments or drawing sheets for her. I don’t understand why a girl doesn’t opt for mechanical engineering. Well, okay I do.  As a  mechanical engineering student, I feel like I have entered in a desert with no water.



Zeroth law, first law and the second law of thermodynamics ruined our life to such an extent that when my friend in one of our parties (yes we do have those occasionally)  asked me about why I was sweating, this was my reply :Heat from my body is transferred to the sweat. As the sweat absorbs more and more heat, it evaporates from my body, becoming more disordered and transferring heat to the air, which heats up the air temperature of the room. Many sweaty people in a crowded room that are a “closed system,” will quickly heat things up. This is both the first and second laws of thermodynamics in action: No heat is lost; it is merely transferred and approaches equilibrium with maximum entropy.
Operation Research:


It is that subject which gives you the answer to every fucking shit that is happening around you. When I see someone at the petrol pump going to a  smaller queue leaving his/her place, I  view this as jockeying rather than seeing him as an impatient person.
When we are in a conundrum to decide which place to meet which is closer to everybody and less time consuming, my only contribution will be : This is a clear transportation problem, let me give you my operation research book.


Heat and Mass transfer:

The only thing which we could relate to the conduction process is sex. The heat and mass transfer through the direct exchange of bodies in proper contact, making it our all time favorite subject in engineering.

Fluid Mechanics:

images (12)

When I just want to dodge a serious conversation with someone;

“Hey, do you want to study the Bernoulli’s equation from my R.K. Bansal reference book”.


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The psychometry charts ruined our life to such an extent that sometimes I still see them at night. I like to refer to those periods of time as nightmares.


How can I forget designing when it comes to mechanical engineering? The subject that starts and ends with assumptions. No matter how hard we try,  we always end up assuming 1 for the values that we don’t know.

I feel proud to have survived  mechanical engineering. But on a serious note, why  should  one select mechanical engineering? The only answer is he/she can create any shit that sounds impossible to humans.  Today, from a toothpaste making industry to making an airplane, everything is done by mechanical engineers. No matter how obnoxious we find them or how much we hate them, we cannot survive without them.



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