UDTA PUNJAB-A callous reality

The movie that was in controversy in one or the other way, whether it was the censor board issue or the one about the movie leak before its release. However, the movie certainly much more than that. Abhishek Chaubey, the man who directed Ishqiya and Dedh Ishqiya made a successful attempt that directly touched the chord of our heart. The movie revolves around the life of 4 characters, i.e. a Rockstar (Shahid Kapoor), a migrant laborer (Alia Bhatt), a doctor (Kareena Kapoor) and a cop (Diljit Dosanjh). Moreover, it shows the condition of a state drowned in the sea of drugs.
Punjab, a state of five rivers just turning into Mexico as the director portrays. Here heroin, cocaine flows into the blood more than lassi and parathas. How youth chose their role models and try to inculcate the same practices of their role model. How police ignore the fact that the state is slowly drowning into the state of white powder. The movie covers every aspect very cleverly.
Not every movie makes you live with the characters and this is one such movie where you will feel like you are living in one of them. On seeing Alia  being physically abused, you will shed a silent tear. You will form an unknowingly unfamiliar kind of empathy for the drug victim Shahid; an alpha male who can only make music when he is high. One can feel the soreness of the cop when he comes to know his brother is a drug addict. However, can still feel the spirit of Punjab trying to maintain its uniqueness on seeing the Preeti Sahni (Kareena Kapoor) running a rehabilitation and fighting against narcotics.
Seeing this movie and the recent statistics, it shows that 3 quarters of this state is already a drug addict that is every third person in Punjab have consumed drugs at least once. Is switching over to the drugs is the only solution we are left with? Why is it that we chose an easy option out here? Why is it that we manage to follow only certain habits of our role model? There was  a scene in a movie where Tommy Singh is in jail and he comes across two kids who starts singing his very first song. Later they tell  that they killed their mother for not giving them money for doing drugs. That makes Tommy realize that is an enabler to the generation which follows his footsteps.

There is always an enabler in the story. It was Shahid’s family were the one who made him the drug addict, Diljit’s brother’s enablers are his friend and Alia’s enablers were some horror insensitive asses.

Why is it that the addiction is too easy to catch? Where will the addiction lead us? To success, or rather I can say to your death. The motion picture covers these aspects in a very minimal way with full of clarity. Sartaj’s younger brother depicts the popularity of drugs among the youths. That sound of his cry even was disturbing me after the movie. As he has become the slave of the drugs, one can sense his intense plea for mercy.
It not only portrays the men dreaded into this addiction; the movie also manages to show the kind of narcotics every class of the society takes. Heroin, cocaine, and opium were consumed by the rockstar, while the needle was the source in case of Bihari labor (Alia) . The medical stores sell the synthetic drugs without any prescription to which youths are addicted to synthetic drugs. The police sleep, sleeps in the overshadow of corruption and the entire network flows accordingly.

Udta Punjab, however, successfully tried to give a message to quit drugs. Moreover, if it continues like this then soon there will one more river in the land of 5 rivers;the river of opium and cocaine. Definitely, the movie was much more than censor board cuts or the piracy issues. It was the movie of dark reality that will leave you disturbed indeed giving you a thought. Chaubey somewhere managed to succeed in his attempt. Thank you to him for letting us know where we stand.


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