I belong here… I belong to Lutalica

You know what?

Today, I wish to confess the most indeed beautiful moments of my life which helped me to become a writer and a part of a wonderful magazine named Lutalica. For others, it is a place where they can find articles to which they can relate. However, for me, it is place who gave me the identity of being a writer.

There comes a time in our life when we feel the need to share or express things so that we can feel our existence. For me, it was nothing different. I was at a stage where I badly wish to share things. I was suffocating inside as I felt a part of my identity refuses to fit into categories.I always felt that there is something more important than living your life is knowing the philosophy of it. However, there was no one to listen to it.

What happens if you fill the water in a bottle beyond its limit? It overflows right. Similarly, in my case, it started getting accumulated inside my heart, then my mind and in the end, there was no room for it to expand. I found no place where I can express myself.

Therefore before a year and a half, I started my blog. However, I never knew that it will end up in a disaster. There was no constructive criticism, there were no good debates about my content. All I faced was some known as well as unknown people either making fun of it or laughing on the way I write. I am someone who is always open to constructive criticism but at that moment I was sinking into depression. I was wondering whether I should continue writing or not? I started doubting my philosophies and my way of living. I started doubting myself.

One fine day, Abha called me and told me to meet her. When I went to meet her, she asked me, “Do you want to write for a magazine which I am planning to launch?” At that moment, I did not know what to answer as I always heard that I suck at my content and philosophy. I said yes to her. However, at that moment I was not able to gather enough strength to ask her that why she wants me to work for her.

This is how Lutalica happened to me. Lutalica gave identity to that part of mine, which do not fit into specific categories. It gave voice to my opinions, philosophy and respected me enough to tell the world proudly that yes, I am a writer. However, does it end here? No, when it comes to writing, whatever I learnt is because I got one chance to express myself. I got a platform where the people do not judge words and the idea to expressed are respected.

The foremost thing it taught me is when you write, write it for yourself. How can you give justice to your article when you are not satisfied with it. Yes, there were times when my article didn’t work. There were and there are times when they are so grammatically wrong. However, I was taught everything without and with criticism.

It has been more than 8 months that I am working for Lutalica as a part of the core committee member, but it seems like I have been associated with them since forever. We are not only great friends, but we are a family. Even, if one of us fall, there are four to hold you back. Somewhere, just telling one yes changed some of the major aspects of my life.

I have seen Lutalica growing and I have seen my dream of performing my work coming true because of Lutalica. I feel so proud to say yes, I am part of the organising team of Lutalica’s event. Well, now I am short of words.

Lastly, I just wish to say, I belong to a place where you do not need to fit in. I say I belong to a place where you can express and bring your soul to peace. I belong to Lutalica.



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