The man who inspires in his own beautiful way

This is no big article about who inspired me and made me who I am. But today, I feel so good that there are some people who have that charisma. They come, stay with you and somewhere inspire you. You know what is the most beautiful part of this entire thing, they event do not when they inspired you.

I met him, do not ask who he is. He is just like us, a guy as normal as you and me. I met him one year ago when I started working as a resident writer for one magazine. I was not able to form any specific impression about him during our first meeting. The only thing I could make out is he never hesitates in making fun of any person no matter he knows him or not. He is a guy with greenish grey eyes who loves his hair and makes sure they are up to the point. He is a superhero and tech geek, well not so deadly combination I guess.

Slowly slowly,  figure out I was totally opposite to him. He sings those not so known English songs very loudly which was very irritating to me. He does all those not so funny faces that you feel like slapping him. Moreover, he makes sure he repeats it again and again if you tell him to stop. But, there was something unusual about him. There is something in him which makes you feel so comfortable talking to him. He has that secrets power to make any person laugh by his not so funny techniques.

This inspires me. It does inspire me a lot that how can a person make you smile just like that. How can he do it so easily? Is that possible? One thing common between us was we love working. What makes me respect him is the way he does it. He has that sort of quality to work with near perfection. The thing that inspired me is you get to learn something no matter if we fail or work is too small. This is what I learnt from him.

You may wonder that what is it that is so unique about him in it? We as a human being have all sorts of frustration, anger, sadness and happiness. He also has it but it is on the way how you control it. Yes, at times he gets angry but it been a year and I can bet my life on it if I have ever seen him sad. I never heard any complaints about his life. I never saw him sharing the pain or problems. He contains it and this inspires me. I wish I could ever do this. I really wish.

Today, he is my one of closest friends. However, I would say that I respect him more than I love him. Many reasons are there but some other time.




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