Abha Mehra – Someone with whom I shared my soul

Abha… Hello!!!

I know I wrote a lot on you or lots of on you but you know it is never enough. You are my source of inspiration, my motivation, my support system and my go to person. How I still remember that day when you came for aasmaan interview. Ooooo…that black kurta and jeans made you look very different from the crowd. I know I will never stop being creepy my friend.

Anyways, I will tell you today why I had all my attention on you when you came for the interview. There is something we call in our language as a personality but I feel more than your personality vibes matter. The moment you entered the room, the atmosphere was pretty different. You had that quality of a strong woman. A woman who lives on her term. I wished I can take,e your interview. Nevermind, in the end, it was nice working with you, Miss Mehra.

As you say we clicked the very moment we met. Well, I would say I felt the sense of belongingness during the LGS after party. However, this was just the beginning and then mind mosaic happened. It was the journey for me being the writer. Moreover, it was the journey for me to know you better.

The more I started to know you, the more I started to respect you. You know why? It is because of the qualities you have. You made sure to take interest in my life and listen to my problems. You made sure I am okay. You made sure you won’t do the things I do not like. I mean how do you manage to remember everything. I can see that sort of apnapan when you take care of small things. I appreciate the fact Abha, when you say this is maggie, is less spicy or eat something that is in your budget and jena thi pet bharai.

When I talk about memories, how would I mention each and every memory I have with you. However, I can never forget our long conversations and at times the talks which made my eyes a little teary. How can I not get angry on the screenshots of the photos you took from my phone. How can I not laugh on the reading your facebook messages? Well, there is a long list.

Moving ahead Abha, today I want to take a minute out of my life and tell you I am sorry. I am sorry for everytime I said something wrong intentionally or unintentionally. I promise you I will try not to repeat any mistakes.

Today, I want to take a minute out of my life to thank you for everything. Thank you, Canva ninja for editing all my articles with utmost peace. Thank you, for teaching me and making me a better person compatible to the world. Thank you for loving me enough. Thank you for understanding and respecting my principles. Thank you, for giving me treat everytime when I was out of money. Thank you so much for being my best friend. Thank you for making me a writer.

I promise you Abha, I will never ever leave you. I promise you to love you enough till the time I am here. I promise you that I will hear all your long talks, complaints, problems, happiness and will make sure you stay happy.

There is one dream now, and the dream is to see you successful one day. The dream is to see you climbing the stairs of success while I am standing down waving at you. The dream is to take a moment out of my life with utmost pride by telling everyone that you are my best friend.

Happy Birthday MISS ABHA MEHRA. Let us celebrate your birthday and make it a memorable one. I love you to the moon and back.


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