Dakota – Episode 2

The entire evening was so well spent till the time she said, I will drive and then again I went speechless. I very quietly gave her the keys and fasten my seat belt.  We went home listening to Kishore Kumar songs and even singing it. People, let me tell you we are very big Kishore Kumar fans and we make sure we hear his songs very sincerely.

I share a very simple equation with her. The equation is like if  I do not meet her for few days, she manages to shout at me very peacefully and with all rights. However, if she doesn’t, I feel something is wrong with her.

After few days, I called up and she was about to shout. But listening to my voice she asked politely, “what happened? Are you good?” I was like, “Fucker!!! I am all good. It is just that it has been quite a time that I have seen you.( it was just 2 days)”

She like no other foodie, “See you tomorrow at Gulbai Tekra wala Varietea. We will have Oglio Olio pasta. Now fuck off.”

The following day when we were sitting and discussing that are there any chances that we will find someone? I do not how but that talk lead to the topic of our parents. I do not why I got a bit frustrated telling that I wish my parents could have broken that wall of silence with me. If that would have happened I would spend more time with them.

Very curiously she asked me Vyom,” Have you ever tried talking to them.” I have never tried but somewhere I was not ready to accept that fact. I replied, ” I try, but they do not really take any interest in my talks about nuclear engineering.

She replied, ” Child, do not lie. There is already a lot you are keeping inside. Share it.” Her deep dark brown eyes were not having an inch of sympathy but a sense of care. It gave me a feeling of peace and comfort. It was the kind of comfort that I was always seeking.

I took a deep breath and started speaking. The pasta and garlic lovers pizza was also listening with patience.

” I feel like I am stranger in my house. I agree to the fact that my father gave me all the things that I wished for. I agree that he always made sure I live my life very comfortably. But you know what sometimes it is not the things that I wish for. There was no one to ask me that how much you studied. yes, they always supported me when I got very less result. There was no one to guide me when I was in problem. There was no ray of light when I was alone. Today whatever I am, good or bad, it is because what life made me. I do not object the time restriction they put but yes I do object the way they look at things.  I am tired of staying alone. I am tired of fighting alone. I see my father in tension many a times but he does not share. He should, I am grown now. When I go home, I feel depressed. There is nothing going right. There are thousands of unsaid words and feelings. How do I break this silence?”

Like any good listener, she heard me very patiently and just replied, ” Have you ever tried to break the silence? Have you ever tried talking to them? Have you ever made them realise that you care about them like they always do?”

I was not having answers to any of those questions. Taking a bite of pizza she said, ” It is not your fault Vyom. At times, all you need is someone to make you see the things more clearly by eliminating the cloud of misconceptions that you have in your mind.”

Hearing this I burst into tears. There was a moment of silence. I hardly cry in front of someone. Nevertheless, at that point in time, I felt like a baby crying in front of her mother. There was no fear that she will judge me. It was just fucking peaceful.

Taking another bite of pizza she said,” It’s okay to cry. You needed it and I will always be there when you feel like sharing. I hope that you will try sharing things with them and if not you will just sit with them. It is just that somewhere you lack and somewhere even parents do. It is on us, how we tackle it.”


WhatsApp Image 2017-03-11 at 21.31.26
Yaar Kavisha, tu toh badi ho gai yaar. 


All I could say after that long session was, ” Kavisha, you are a grown up now. When did that happen?” Probably, that was the first time, I saw this side of her. All I know was a jolly Kavisha who loves adventure, partying and stuff. However, the other side of her was fascinating and just like the silent water flowing on its own path to merge into sea.

The noon was well spent and I was so happy that I paid all the bill. She hugged me and I was back to my office. However, this episode was too intense no? There were some funny moments and to witness it, wait for the next episode.

to be continued…




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