A humble reply from my alter ego

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Dear Conscience,

I know you hate me but I really do appreciate the healthy relationship we share. It does not really matter whether you hate me or not. I do not really care about that. The only reason I am writing this letter is because you asked me to answer your questions.

When we talk about being mature and the side effects of maturity. Are you really so dumb to not see the brighter side of what you learnt? And let me tell you, you always pay a price to learn something and be who you are. An individual is not lucky to get all the things they want without paying any price of it. If that was the case, I guess no one in this world of second-handers would have suffered a breakdown.

I never termed maturity as an absolute entity, in fact, I will always say it is the most relative entity one can ever have. Mind you, here I refer relatively as one who knows how mature they have become after they start realising where they went wrong. You never accepted the fact that you were wrong. Instead of it, you used to find excuses to cover your mistakes. I am not blaming you, I am just telling you where you went wrong. However, I am proud of you. Take a moment out of your life and just see yourself. You started realising where you always went wrong. You have developed that sense of understanding, the one which was always lacking. Take a moment out and see the brighter side of the situation.

I do say that an individual should live to his principle even if that cost them their life. I am a strong believer of principles. You asked me that why I did not tell you that this road will leave you alone, right? The only reason is because I want you to be a creator and not a follower. If at that very moment I would have told you that this path is difficult, you would not have even started your journey.

Have you ever noticed the world around you? Have you seen how an individual live? Let me tell you how do they live. They live on the theories that are not made my them. They blindly follow the crowd. In today’s world, principles are just like trending stories of twitter. It keeps on changing with the change in the events. Do you wish to lead such a life? If yes, leave the path of being an individual and follow the crowd.

To follow your principles is to give the reason to your existence. A person is known when they do something substantial in their life for themselves. Your work will be your reason for your existence. Trust me, you cannot find a better reason than this to live. At the end of the day,  you will get the satisfaction, the kind of satisfaction which you can never get by holding on to relations.

A human definitely takes birth in this world to follow a religion, earn money and build relations. However, have you ever thought of what religion you follow? A human takes birth to follow only one religion i.e. the work. They earn money by the means and more than the money they earn respect. So, when you die you take all the expertise of your work, the respect and love you earned by means of your work. What more do you want when you are taking these immortal entities with you?

Each and every aspect of your life gets overlapped by one another. Your principles show you the direction of your life. And the very same principles makes you a creator. When you are a creator, the only religion of yours is work. And when work is your only religion, you become ideal. Mind you, the ideal is in reference to your soul and not according to to the world of the second handers. If your father or Ayn Rand follows the same principles, they are ideal in their own beautiful way.

Who said being perfect is a myth? It is on you that what approach you take in your life. Perfect is a very broad term to speak. If you ask me the meaning of it I would just say it means that you should give justice to what you do. Does that make sense?

The answer of your reaching to square one is if you reach square one, then restart your journey. I promise you I will be there with you and will help you in every possible way I can.

Your demon,

Alter ego.


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