Picture Of The Day – 2

You made me go through the times when I used to play with my brother Well done writer..


Remember those days? Days were simple, weren’t they?

Do you miss that one person with whom you’ve grown old? Your sibling? Your cousin?

Called them lately? Shared a secret with them in past 2 months? Argued with them over your clothes or TV remote?

Damn fights we used to pick, didn’t we? Apparently, s/he were the only partner in crime we had.

Recently, I had called this long lost cousin of mine staying in another city. Though we just talked for 2.5 minutes but then it felt good. It felt like, yes he is still there. He has got my back for all the mischief I do. And I’m always there to cover him for all the stuff.

Such a beautiful bond is shared. I re-lived the childhood today itself over the call. That’s why I’m telling you as well, think of calling your side-kick today. The smile on your…

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