Dakota – Episode 4

End semester exam was near and this is the only time in the year where I have the upper hand. I told her to come to the library with me so that I can help her study. She agreed to it and then the library was at its mercy.

The first day:

I am someone who studies for 12 hours straight by taking 2 small breaks. Even I do not go home for having lunch. Well, it was her first time in the library and every hour she takes me downstairs to have lunch, tea or just to sit. Instead of getting angry, I use to laugh at her that you cannot really sit for an hour.

After Few days:

The exams were coming near and I was in a mood of relaxing. Kavisha started studying regularly but in my case, I use to disturb her every hour. Either I go my office or find reasons to take her downstairs. At times, she uses to refuse and then we fight.

There is a wierd thing about libraries. When you sit down to study, your mind has thousands of cravings which you wish to fulfil at that very moment. In my case, I just crave like a middle-class person to have a cheese vada pav. But in Kavisha’s case, she wished to have Loakers. I was like, “what the fuck is loakers?”

She replied, “You better take me to the shop where I can get international chocolates.” As soon as I took her to the shop; she fucking went mad and I was just staring at the bounty very innocently. She took a pack of loakers and asked me, “You want anything? I am not going to share even a single piece of loakers with you.” I, just like an innocent kid pointed towards bounty. She was like,”I fucking knew that you will ask for bounty. Anyways, you are not going to get them.”

After requesting her a lot, she said let me think. Finally, she agreed to give me bounty on one condition that tomorrow I have to buy her loakers. That was fair enough according to her and I do not know why but I agreed to it. We went to the library and started having the chocolates sitting on the staircase. I was waiting that she will give me one but she didnt give even a single piece. After a while, I said, “BC, ek piece to aap.” She gave me three pieces and said, “Now, do not even think of asking again or else you will get one slap from me.”

On the very next day, she had come to the library pretty late. I was sitting outside and studying. She came and putting her bag on the table exclaimed, ” where is your phone? I am calling you since last 15 minutes. Anyways, chal, we got to go to take loakers.” I was like study for some time and then we will go. Arguing with her is waste of time, I tell you.

We went to the shop and took 1 loakers, 2 Nutella dip wali sticks and 2 cupcakes. However, this time we did not even care to go back to the library. We sat on the pavement outside the shop, open our packets and started eating. I hate her for taking the Nutella from my pack. She does that every time and she does that with me only.

As the days, passed, we developed a good equation. We made sure, we study, we have fun, we eat and we even play games. Even, my friends loved her and she got involved equally. I tell you Kavisha Shah, you have got an amazing mind. You just need to push yourselves a little. You will create wonders.


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