Dakota 2 – A book full of memories

\In order to read the introduction of Dakota Series 2, click here.

Episode 1

We will fade away some day. We will be living in a different city and we will not be able to meet. What will we do? Will we regret not meeting?  Will we be the same when we will meet after years?

What if we will not be able to meet again? What if with time our memories will fade? If any of these happens no, there will always be a book on the right-hand side of your drawer to make you live with all of them.

There will be the book which will live even after our death. I will title that book as CHILD because it is because of you that I can still have that side of me alive. Child because of your innocent complaints and unfulfilling demands. Child because of the times I got angry at you while teaching you quantitative demands and child because of you asking me to get a vada pav so that you could study better.

I live with our memories and I fear that what if I will forget it some day? That is why I am keeping it safe on the table on the right-hand side of my wall. When you will be travelling the world, I will be sitting in the corner of my room busy writing about how I am so proud of you. When you will be receiving you

When you will be receiving your first paycheck, I will be writing about what I want from it. When you will be in a relationship, I will be writing about the delays you did in meeting me. When you will be feeling low, I  will be writing about how much I had hate your tears. I will always be writing about you so that the memories we create will remain forever. When I say forever I really mean it.

So, if some day I might not be present, there will be a book full of memories which will make you smile when you will be feeling low. There will be times when you might feel bad about yourselves, the book will tell you how good you are. That book will never make you feel like I am not here with you.

So if something will happen to me, just hold on to the book of memories CHILD. I will be living in that book with you.

Until the next time.

To be continued…


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