That Abstract feeling

The Destroyer

Love-That abstract feeling which can change the ideals of a person, it is that feeling which can change the vision of a person to see the world .It was told to me that love is raw, wild and unpredictable.I just to have experience this and it got me thinking  that this are the three things which leads to destroy your existence.So ultimately love will destroy you but with the satisfactory feeling of leading your existence in a way you want it to lead.

Does that mean love is bad? Is it the destroyer? is it evil? what is the exact definition of love? what is love for me?

If I sum up all this questions,then there is only one answer that pops in my mind and that is  the words of AYN RAND from her book The Fountainhead,”If you were in love,you’d want to be broken, trampled, ordered, dominated because that is impossible, the inconceivable for you in your relation with people”. This words just say that this would be one gift, the greatest exception you wanted to offer the man you loved. but this wouldn’t be easy.

When it comes at this stage the question arises that why wouldn’t this be easy? what kind of love does it mean? why would one like to be dominated and ordered?

Its simple that if we are in love that somewhere at some stage we know each and everything about that person .And when one suffers the sufferings are mutual.This is the reason why you had been broken.Dominated and ordered are the situations,reactions where eyes and expressions sound more clear than words.They show how much vicious the world was, what is the actual suffering  and still no matter what things won’t change. But these feelings come with the restriction where one person thinks the other should not suffer from the problems through which he is passing through,they are not allowed to feel them and here comes the actual suffering. So ultimately you make a choice to suffer in your own possible way in order to feel that impossible, inconceivable in any relation where you can get as destroyed as your beloved and that would be the one gift, the great exception you always had and wanted to give it to your man.

Love is not always about the mutual happiness, it is not always an emotion but sometimes it is a suffering,the suffering which is happily accepted. Its about destroying yourself when the world wants you to live and suffer and its about living together where the world wants to destroy you. This is where the ideal love stands. It is the self destroyer, the way of committing suicide by pulling the trigger and get away from it in the world where in order to survive the soul is not broken. It takes you to the world where the act of selfless is being appreciated, where reason cannot be fought with reason. It is slow infintesimal death where the minutes seems like an year and the time spent is like heaven.

No matter how much it can destroy you,but if you stick to it then yes there is the world where you have omitted the principle of the world.


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