Dakota 2: Until the next time

Forget everything and go on a break. Take your car, go for a drive. Spend a little quality time in the lap of nature, have a beer maybe, and just absorb the beauty of your life. The more you connect with yourself, the better life becomes. Remember that delusions are temporary, but conscience is undying. Do not let it die. Do not die several times before you die.


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Final Episode

#1 Khanabadosh

ab jab tum jaa rahe ho to ek baat yaad rakhna, zindagi hamesha ek safar hai aur yea sab ko katna padta hai, par kuch log ke liye safar zindagi jeena hota hai. Aur tum unme se ek ho, tumhara safar ek aisa safar hai jo rooh ke saath ka hai.

Tumhare liye safar ek safarnama hai aur tumhe zinda rakhne ki jadibutti. Ab jaa rahe ho toh naye kisse kahaniya zarur laana.

Bindu is the person who loves travelling and her every breath is meant to travel. When she travels, she lives and when she lives, her aura makes that city look very beautiful. Every time when she travels, Bubla just waits for her return to listen to her stories. The best part is she always bring some gifts for him.

#2 Sukuniyat

usko dekh kar bas ek pal men sukuniyat mil gayi.

wo sunhare chumkhe, wo badi bindi, wo nashili aankhein, nila kurta and uski budbudati hasi, aisa mano ke usko aise dekhkar ek pal mein zindagi ji li.

Ae bindu tumne to ek pal mein puri zindagi ka ehsaas dila diya, tumne toh sukuniyat ka matlab samjha dia.

Well, we humans strive for peace every single moment and Bindu is someone who can make you realise what peace looks like in one single moment. The world stops on seeing her dressed so elegantly in simple kurti matched perfectly with the Indian flavour of bindi and oxidised silver earrings and that brown coffee bean likes eyes. Her smile is the measure of absolute peace.

#3 storm

My eyes were searching for her in the crowd and as soon as my eyes manage to spor her, I noticed that she was wearing a black Kurta with those big jhumkas and her hair tied with help of the stick that looked like a polised ivory sculpture stopped my world.

She was approaching me and I was still standing, still waiting for her to come and smile.

However, suddenly my eyes opened and it was 2 am in the night. Unlike, other days the night was scary still I was shivering maybe because of losing her in my dream.

He cannot get over her jhumkhas and her hippy look. And without her Bubla’s life is like a blank page so even in his dreams he does not let Bindu be alone.

#4 Her motto

Forget everything and go on a break. Take your car, go for a drive. Spend a little quality time in the lap of nature, have a beer maybe, and just absorb the beauty of your life. The more you connect with yourself, the better life becomes. Remember that delusions are temporary, but conscience is undying. Do not let it die. Do not die several times before you die.

A line from one of Bubla’s article.

This is what Bindu told me when he was struggling to find his own way through the narrow roads of his life.

There are many more things that Bindu said and it just made him feel like what else do you need when you have a best friend. Bindu told me believe in me.

However, I was always questioned that Who am I for Bindu?

Well, I am her mother, bestfriend, wingman and bridesmaid.

We have spent the entire journey of our friendship by fighting and making sure that we blame each other for it. We abuse each other so that we can love each other. We rant together for being single and we hang out together to live in a world, the world which Bubla calls as DAKOTA.

So, live with your memories, till I meet you again with more memories of Bubla with Bindu.

Some snippets when Bindu is praising Bubla.

“I am just going for couple of days. I will be back soon child.”

“You are my wingman, chodu.”

“Fuck, this was all because of you Pyomi. If you were not there, I would definitely failed.”

“I feel satisfied to see you performing in front of the crowd.”

“You are not alone. I am here no. I am always here.”

“If we are not close still you will not let me fall. You will throw a rope in my direction and hold me with that.”

The list is too long to be written


The end


Dakota – Episode 3

Meanwhile, in all those serious conversations, we really forgot to watch the people around us. There was a typical couple who was intentionally too busy in making noise. For me, that was just little annoying, but for Kavisha Shah, it was like someone entering her territorial boundary. She turned her face towards them with her big scary eyes and polite voice she said, “Can you please lower your noise pollution.” Well, there was a kind of order hidden in her polite voice. I do not mind it unless it gives me enough entertainment.

Her words printed a very strong impression on my mind. Moreover, it made me realize the amount of ego and frustration I have in me.

At times, there were days when we use to meet daily as for us it is a mandatory thing and at times days coming when we cannot meet because anyone from us is busy. In most of the cases, I was always the one.

There came a phase in my life where I saw I hardly any have any friends left. Either they went to the States or some other countries and some of them were left behind due to work commitments. This thing was enough to give me a hint, a hint of fear. Due to that fear, my insecurity of losing the one I have increased. It was nothing to do with the trust. It was a problem with my mind which I got to solve.

Meanwhile, even Kavisha’s brother was suffering from dengue. She gave a call that I am going to the hospital and after that, we will sit for some time outside CCD. Cafe Coffee Day on IIM Road is generally where we sit and do all kinds of gossip or talk deep shit. Well, for a change she picked me up and we went to the hospital. She met her brother, took her Kurtis and we were heading to CCD.

The thing was, this insecurity was eating my head and it has been a long time since I know her and somewhere a very short time that we actually developed such a good relation. In my head, I had this confusion that whether I should tell her about my insecurity or not? Will she feel bad or will she think that I do not trust her? All these questions were testing my patience and that made my mind run in a very different direction.

On our way, we were gossiping about school and college incidents when she just said, “AREYYY!! Swapna is bae.” My sense lost its control and I asked her directly, “Kavisha, where do I stand on your priority list.”

Initially, she didn’t get what I asked. Her expression of confusion was clearly visible on her face. Meanwhile, we reached CCD. Now, let me tell you we are the most useless people one can ever meet. We just go to CCD, order a mineral water bottle at times and sit for hours.

Gathering some strength I told her that I will elaborate what I said just now. The thing is, “Look, child, I just want to know where I stand on your priority list. I know this is not the kind of question I should ask but for me at this point in time, it is very important. I am getting this feeling of insecurity as I feel I have lost my friends to quite an extent. I do not have the strength to lose even one more friend of mine. The reason behind this is I feel emotions and things very deeply; and you are someone who means a lot to me. I feel lucky to be sitting with you here and I will love to do so as long as we are here in the same city. The sole reason that I am asking you is because you have a very good social life to which mine is nothing. There are high chances that we are not on the same page and that is totally okay. I am asking it because I do not form unnecessary expectations from you.”

I thought she will get angry at me and even might be a little disappointed. However, what she said me; make me love her more even today.

She told me, “Look Vyom, I know you and understand you. I can empathize with your insecurity. I won’t say it is justified but never keep anything in your mind. You do mean a lot Vyom. If I was to set a benchmark or line of distinction for my friends, you will always be above that line. You are just like Kashish and Manushi. In fact, I always prefer to spend time with you and not with them. You see something in me which they do not see.”

I was just staring at her blankly and that annoyed her. She waved in front of my eyes and asked,” OYEE BC!! Does that make sense to you?”

I was satisfied and the insecurity got reduced to quite an extent. I apologized for the same and even today KAVISHA, when you are reading thing, I wish to tell you sorry once again. It does sound bad no?

I will not say thank you for understanding, instead I will say I wish someday one day I can be as understanding as you at least in some matters.

To be continued