DAKOTA – Series 2

If you have haven’t read the first series of Dakota, just click here.


Well, I do not know how many of you have read and resonated the with the set of a journey with a beautiful friend one can ever have. Isn’t is so simple that at times all you know how is that the journey is never going to end. Somethings will never change and if they change they will just get better.

I always had in my mind that I will start the second series very soon but I was not able to and I was getting restless because of that. Kavisha, you know anything you write about her will be pretty less.

Every time I meet her there is something you. Today she told in a tone of sheer excitement that she got her first salary. Yesterday she texted that she went to quit smoking. The day before was like you fucking die, Vyom Desai because you do not have any time to meet me. It does not end and probably will never end. All those fights, irritations, happiness, moments and food will sum up the second series.

This time it will not be the set of stories Miss Kavisha Shah (if you are reading this) but it can be an abrupt short write-up, a story, a few lines just portraying you, a poem or just a picture. I am not even sure that whether I will write everything in English because I suck at it.

Kavisha Shah

You know satisfaction is a very rare thing so today I will just start with it.

There were times when all I had was a day full of guilt trippings, terror, anxiety. I was just like the man after 7 drinks of whisky. A man who knows his mind but cannot feel his senses. That was probably the mot vulnerable part of me which you have seen and anyhow managed to withstand. In between all these that one glance of yours in that blue kurta, those silver jhumkas, a pretty Bindi, your bubblegum like eyes and carrying a camera in one hand, I felt the moment of peace. It was like the senses coming back in sync with the mind. I found peace in that moment, the kind of peace I have always demanded and the kind of peace I will always seek.

Until the next time,

To be continued…