Dakota 2 – Meri Pyaari Bindu

“Pyaar mein itni thokar khaane ke bawajood, zakhm pe iodex malkar veer jawaan hamesha khade ho jaate hain, ek aur try karne ke liye…”


Episode 2

There is some quality in her that makes her look very different from other people. Her presence is like the aura of lilies that are just plucked from the nursery. Every time she meets me there is some thing different about her. There are 4 things that define her.

The first is her big bumble bee like eyes, second is her traditional kurties and the way she walks. Her way of walking is just like a tornado that is coming to hug you from a distance. The third is her love for old songs and the way she sings them. The fourth and my favourite is how she takes or steals my stuff which she likes and never gives me hers.

Our relation is just like Bubla and Bindu from the movie, “Meri pyaari Bindu”. You lock us in one room for a month, we will not mind unless any one of us loses the fight. You give us one Pizza and we fight till the last piece. You tune into the old songs then we will sing and dance loudly in our car. If she is low, she will get angry at me as she thinks it is her birth right. She is busy making chits and making plans of copying in the exams while I am busy making the schedule for her studying.

She is so similar like Bindu as she never reads my work. She always start something but leaves her midway. However, she always know what she exactly wants. Her whatsapp calls mean it is an emergency. She is the one who is ready to do some of the craziest things and I am the one who stays behind her in all the weird things she does. She is the one who fights with people on my behalf. She is the one who never appreciates me for anything.

Well, reading this one might think where do I stand? I am the one who assures Bindu that she can do whatever she wishes to do because Bubla is standing right besides her. I am the one who makes sure Bindu is alright and I am the one who tells her she is at her best when she dances on Shammi Kapoor’s song. I am the one who is scared of her mother.

Jab itna bol hi dia to thode kisse bi ho jayein Bindu aur Bubla ke…

I asked her, “Ooo Bindu, Meri pyaari bindu, how was your date?”

“Which date you are talking about?”

“Bc, as if you got went to Lots of when I was not in the town. See, we both know that you are not going to find someone else.”

“Owww, You fucking went for 15 long days. I missed you while shopping. I did not find any company.”

“That means you just missed me because you need to go for shopping?”

Owww! Yes, Bubla Desai. Apart from it, I had a good time without you. It was actually peaceful as there was no one who keeps crying on things.”

“Okay, I lose, now tell me how was your date?”

“With Vinny it was ok ok. I mean we had nothing to talk about. Half of the time he was just sitting.”

“Who the fucks gives such kind of names. Seriously! Vinny? I totally judge you Bindu. That is but obvious no, you were talking since few months and if you meet after that, what will you have to talk. BC, You will die single.”

“No, I have you as my backup no. And I know you are going to forever alone.”

“Pyaar mein itni thokar khaane ke bawajood, zakhm pe iodex malkar veer jawaan hamesha khade ho jaate hain, ek aur try karne ke liye…” By telling this we go on a date again to be single and make fun of the incident. 

This was it and then we started to talk about her date like and it ended at making fun of each other.


The quote is taken from Meri Pyaari Bindu.